29 Jul 2019


Fillet with mango? Yes, please!

Here is how to prepare this tasty recipe:


Ingredients for 2 people

400 g pork fillet

1 mango by air https://bit.ly/2Oav7

violver olive oil, butter, salt and pepper to taste



Clean the mango and cut it into strips, then brown them in a pan with a knob of butter and keep the flame always lively. Cut the fillet into strips and add them to the pan, turning them more than once so that they cook evenly. You can pour two teaspoons of vodka in a pan and serve flambé. Finally, add valerian or rocket to taste.

15 Jul 2019


Here’s how to prepare a fresh Caipirinha with maracujà! The fruit belongs to the Passiflora family, it is very similar to passion fruit (but larger than the latter) and has a juicy and very sweet pulp, particularly suitable for the preparation of fruit drinks.

5 cl of cachaça
2 maracujá McGarlet
2 tablespoons of sugar

Cut the two maracujá in half and with a spoon remove all the pulp, which you will put in a glass. Add two teaspoons of sugar and a dash of cachaça. At this point pound everything with the muddler. Fill with ice, pour the rest of the cachaça and serve the caipirinha.