Values and Traditions

McGarlet is a leading Italian company in the import and distribution of exotic and counter-season fruit. Alongside the core business – exotic fresh fruits – the company has chosen to invest in direct production of fresh-cut products with high quality produce and exclusive recipes: fruits salads, extracts and pulps (united by the message “pure quality and innovation”) are therefore made in the very modern factories of S.Paolo d’Argon and Albano S. Alessandro.

A look to the future but with roots firmly planted on the ground: respect for environment and workers in producing countries, granted by the strict observance of international protocols and the quality certifications acquired, have in fact allowed McGarlet to reach an important and recognized qualitative level that goes to exclusive guarantee of the consumer. For McGarlet international cultural and commercial exchanges in the field of exotic and counter-season produce remain fundamental: a lifeblood based on relationships consolidated over the years but always able to keep up with the times.


In 1927 Cavalier Felice Gandolini began importing exotic fruit (bananas) from African Colonies, driven by a natural spirit of adventure. With his futuristic open-mind he established relations with local peoples on a human and cultural becoming official dealer of Regio Monopolio delle Banane and trading produces of their land, not so common in Italy at the time.

This spirit of adventure, a sense of freedom and the desire to know peoples, traditions and cultivations of the most remote countries on Earth has always accompanied McGarlet in its almost century-long history. A philosophy symbolized by the figure of the pirate who shows his gaze pointing towards the horizon in our company logo: how many of us, especially as children, felt attracted by those people of all races living in open sea? When we think of these characters we associate them with freedom, boldness and courage, we think that they are people without fear, capable of living day by day and able to get what they want, that is to achieve the goals they set themselves. These are the same characteristics that mark McGarlet's entrepreneurial spirit.

The generations that followed in leading the company have therefore tried to carry on the values sown by the founder with this same foresight that today allows McGarlet to let the consumer savour the fruits of his intense work and experience.








Quality first
Our highly qualified staff carries out continuous monitoring work
Ability to innovate
Research and development are our strengths
360° customer service
A customer care service available for every need
Social responsibility
We create human and cultural relationships with our suppliers
Supply chain control
We follow the product from grower to consumer
A wide assortment
We offer our customers a wide and deep range of products