McGarlet, the leading Italian company in the importation and distribution of exotic fruit, is glad to present BioPack, the new sustainable and plastic-free packaging!

Our company has launched the 100% sustainable line of products to guarantee the maximum respect for the environment and our Planet as a whole. All the exotic fruits are packaged in completely biodegradable trays, composed of material that comes from FSC® certified well managed forests and other controlled sources. Moreover, all labels and plastic-free clingfilm are fully compostable and disposable in organic waste.

BioPack, McGarlet’s sustainable and plastic-free packaging, is the final result of an intense planning, research and development process with the purpose of definitely removing plastics from our packaging. Consumers will finally enjoy exotic fruits with ecofriendly packaging, made with biodegradable and compostable materials. On the bottom, McGarlet’s new packaging has also infographics showing how to correctly dispose of all the components.

Nowadays, environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with technology innovation and smart packaging solutions. The new trays of McGarlet’s sustainable line are equipped with a QR Code, to give the end consumers the chance to discover all the exotic fruit-based recipes simply by framing the code with the camera on their smartphones.

"Our goal is to bring all our references back to the new BioPack line by March 2020 - underlined Luca Garletti, McGarlet's CEO - today the problem of waste is experiencing a real emergency: this is why we believe that our contribution in this phase could be important. Plastic was conceived as a cheap, clean and comfortable material, but it has over the years discounted a non-education for recycling by the consumer and a global institutional delay in the construction of a true virtuous circuit. We aim to offer a break to our institutions, waiting for the development of true recycling policies, as well as an awareness and a matured operativeness on the part of the final consumer which unfortunately does not exist today: we are therefore working to spread a true recycling education ".