Our Organization

Sales department 

Our account and customer care staff is able to respond immediately to the needs of the different sales channels, from the fruit and vegetable markets to the large-scale retail trade to the food service, guaranteeing a punctual and efficient daily service to the end customer.

One of McGarlet strengths is the supply of raw materials: our Buyers can count on a wide range of suppliers, loyal to long-term relationships, as well as the support of specialized agronomists who monitor our fruit on the spot, following them directly all stages of production.


Sales offices



Back office & Customer care


Communication & Web


Logistics department

McGarlet offers its customers a modern and responsive logistics structure, ensuring a high level of service in terms of efficiency and safety.

Our warehouse, with a total surface area of ​​3,000 square meters, guarantees the storage and processing of goods in a temperature-controlled area in compliance with hygiene-health standards, as well as a fully computerized management of processes and automation of processes.



3,000 square meters of processing and storage warehouse

12,000 pallets moved per year

2 maturation cells with hot air


Research, development and production department

Our Quality Assurance Managers guarantee food safety on a daily basis: they select, accurately certify suppliers and seek the best functionality of the production process, guaranteeing complete traceability, product conformity, compliance with high hygiene and health standards and adherence to procedures coded in the certifications.


Knowing how to look ahead, exploring and researching new market scenarios, new technologies, and processes that can improve our daily work. For this reason, the Research and Development department, together with the production department, is a key area in a dynamic sector such as that of fruit and vegetables: our daily commitment is aimed at finding opportunities, partnerships, ideas and above all people who know how to add value to what we have been doing for years with care and dedication.

With this spirit of initiative and foresight, McGarlet has started the internal production of the fourth range by opening two new factories dedicated to the preparation of fruit salads, extracts and pulps: all products united by the claim "quality and innovation in its pure state" and made with premium raw materials .

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