Coronavirus Update

Despite the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Italy, McGarlet would like to inform all customers and suppliers, both in Italy and abroad, that our work has never stopped and will continue as always. As a precaution, according to ministerial and regional directives, we are taking all safety measures to preserve the health of our employees, our customers, and our suppliers.

Here you can read and download our official paper about our health emergency protocol.

For any further information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



For Valentine’s Day McGarlet offers you a limited edition of the Berry Mix, the selection of 4 berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) featured by a special pack.

The berries are perfect to be enjoyed naturally, but they can also give a lively touch to fruit salads, enrich sweets and ice cream or constitute the main ingredient of exquisite jams, syrups or liqueurs. They are also a valuable ally for our health as they are rich in anthocyanins, the pigments that give most of them the characteristic blue/purple or dark red color: belonging to the flavonoid family, they have strong antioxidant properties, since they inhibit the advance of free radicals and reduce the damage they cause to tissues. In particular, they perform a vasodilatory action, protecting the cardiovascular system from the dangers deriving from excess cholesterol in the blood and helping the nervous system to stay “fit”.

Let yourself be conquered by the love of berries!



McGarlet, the leading Italian company in the importation and distribution of exotic fruit, has displayed at Fruit Logistica “Italy on the Road”, the new Grab&Go project which proposes a complete assortment of “ready to consume” products, identified by an Italian way of food concept, according to a Mediterranean “gourmet” diet.


The reference target is a dynamic consumer, who thinks internationally, travelling frequently with little time to eat, but still requires healthy, tasty, fresh, and light food. In a few words this is what “Italy on the Road” is all about.
The “Italy on the Road” full assorted fridge is the new proposal for high-traffic points of sales such as airports, hotel, petrol stations, railway stations, and shopping centers.

The other brand-new product showed at Berlin fair is BioPack, the new sustainable and plastic-free packaging. The Italian company has launched the 100% sustainable line of products to guarantee the maximum respect for the environment and our Planet as a whole. All the exotic fruits will be packaged in completely biodegradable trays, made from cardboard produced from renewable forests wood pulp (FSC® certification). Moreover, all labels and plastic-free clingfilm will be fully compostable and disposable in organic waste.

BioPack, McGarlet’s sustainable and plastic-free packaging, is the final result of an intense planning, research and development process with the purpose of definitely removing plastics from our packaging. Consumers will finally enjoy exotic fruits with ecofriendly packaging, made with biodegradable and compostable materials. On the bottom, McGarlet’s new packaging has also infographics showing how to correctly dispose of all the components.



For the summer 2019 McGarlet has designed three new fruit salads of the Enjoy line, all prepared with premium quality raw materials: among the new references we find “Watermelon“, which features the thirst-quenching fruit, synonymous with the quintessential summer, available both in the version in cubes of 400 grams than in slices (variable weight). The second reference is “La Macedonia”, the tasty mix based on melon, kiwi, black grapes and nectarine peach, available in the 150 and 250 gram versions; finally here is “Tropical“, the fruit salad rich in colors and tastes in pure tropical style, ready to amaze thanks to an exciting mix of mango by air, red pithaya, papaya and passion fruit (available in the 250 gram version).

Ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day, the 100% natural fruit salads ready to eat from the Enjoy line by McGarlet are packaged in trays in recycled PET (R-PET), an eco-sustainable packaging in line with the strong focus on protecting the environment always promoted by the Bergamo company. The trays include the closing seal which guarantees safety and freshness even after opening, with the practical disposable fork present in each package.

All Enjoy fruit salads have a guaranteed shelf-life of 1+6 days (1+4 days only for sliced ​​watermelon) and are completely free of preservatives, dyes or liquid. The fruit salads are prepared in the San Paolo d’Argon plant, not far from the headquarter, dedicated to the fourth range and IFS higher level certificate. The entire production cycle of the product is carried out inside the laboratory, in fully conditioned environments, at a temperature between 4 and 8 ° C.