For the summer 2019 McGarlet has designed three new fruit salads of the Enjoy line, all prepared with premium quality raw materials: among the new references we find “Watermelon“, which features the thirst-quenching fruit, synonymous with the quintessential summer, available both in the version in cubes of 400 grams than in slices (variable weight). The second reference is “La Macedonia”, the tasty mix based on melon, kiwi, black grapes and nectarine peach, available in the 150 and 250 gram versions; finally here is “Tropical“, the fruit salad rich in colors and tastes in pure tropical style, ready to amaze thanks to an exciting mix of mango by air, red pithaya, papaya and passion fruit (available in the 250 gram version).

Ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day, the 100% natural fruit salads ready to eat from the Enjoy line by McGarlet are packaged in trays in recycled PET (R-PET), an eco-sustainable packaging in line with the strong focus on protecting the environment always promoted by the Bergamo company. The trays include the closing seal which guarantees safety and freshness even after opening, with the practical disposable fork present in each package.

All Enjoy fruit salads have a guaranteed shelf-life of 1+6 days (1+4 days only for sliced ​​watermelon) and are completely free of preservatives, dyes or liquid. The fruit salads are prepared in the San Paolo d’Argon plant, not far from the headquarter, dedicated to the fourth range and IFS higher level certificate. The entire production cycle of the product is carried out inside the laboratory, in fully conditioned environments, at a temperature between 4 and 8 ° C.

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