Italian Passion Fruit

Passion fruit belongs to the passion flower family, the name derives from the particular shape of its flower. Round in shape, it has a soft edible rind that shrivels when the fruit is ripe. The passion fruit pulp is gelatinous with many edible seeds and has a sweetly sour taste. Italian passion fruit has an exterior color that tends to be more bordeaux than classic purple and is intensely fragrant.

Original from Brazil, passion fruit is grown in many tropical regions. There are about 400 different varieties of this plant, of which only about thirty produce edible fruits; few of these come to our markets. Today, classic countries have also been joined by Italy, where climate change has enabled Southern Italy to become an optimal place for cultivation.



Availability: From August to December

Origin: Italy

Storage: 6° | 12°

Italia (Sicilia – Calabria)

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