Italian Mango

Its ovoid shape, sometimes elongated, and its color (green, yellow, orange, red) vary according to the varieties and origins. Mangoes have a smooth thin skin that can be greenish, yellowish, or reddish, often with shades of purple, pink, yellow orange, or red. The flesh of the Italian mango is orange-yellow, creamy, sweet and fragrant. The pulp adheres to the core, which is quite large and flat.

The mango tree belongs to the same family as pistachio and cashew, it grows in tropical climates and measures an average of 15 meters in height, although it can reach 30 meters. It produces about 100 fruits every year. There are over 1,000 different varieties of mango, some round, while others are oval or kidney-shaped. The fruit has an average of about 10 cm. in length and weighs between 250 gr. and 1.5 kg.



Availability : From August to November

Origin: Italia

Storage: 6° | 12°

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