Availability: All year round

Main origin: Croatia | Ecuador | France

Storage: 8° | 12°

Shipping: by truck by air

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Kiwano is a plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. The shape resembles an elongated egg and the hard and smooth skin is covered by small “horns”. On the outside it has a bright yellow or even greenish brown color and contains a bright green gelatinous pulp sprinkled with small edible seeds. The kiwano is consumed with the spoon, after having cut it in two parts. The taste is bittersweet, between lime and passion fruit. This unique fruit has a very pleasant and refreshing taste, with the subtle taste of bananas, lime and passion fruit, with a sweet and sour touch.


Originally from Africa, kiwano is produced in Portugal, New Zealand, France, Italy and Israel. It is also called Melano.