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Origin: Malaysia

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The carambola has a rather curious shape; when the carambola is sliced, the slices are shaped like a star, which explains why the carambola is known as “fruit of the star” (star fruit).
The thin and glossy skin of the carambola has a light yellow translucent color, iridescent towards golden yellow when ripe. This edible skin encloses a translucent pulp that is crunchy and juicy, a little acid and aromatic when fully ripe. The flavor of the carambola can vary depending on the variety and the harvest period. Some varieties are sweet and slightly acidulous, while others have a rather sour taste.


Native to Sri Lanka and the Moluccas, carambola has been cultivated in Asia since ancient times. The carambola is cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates such as Brazil, Malaysia, China, Australia, Israel, even Spain, the West Indies and the United States. The arrival of carambola in western markets is relatively recent.