Avocado Hass

Availability: All year round

Main origin: Colombia | Israel | Kenya | Perù | Spain | South Africa

Type: Hass

Storage: 6° | 12°

Shipping: by sea




When ripe, avocado Hass has an almost black skin. It is oval in shape and the dimensions are medium / small. The light green pulp has a creamy and very tasty consistency. Ideal to be consumed in salads or for the preparation of Guacamole sauce. Can also be used as a base for hair and face masks.

Originally from Central or South America, where it has been known for many centuries. The word avocado comes from the Aztec word ahuacalt, from which the Spaniards called it first ahuacate or aguacate (still used today) and finally avocado. Today the major avocado producers, especially the Hass variety, are Mexico, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Colombia. Even in Italy, in Sicily, there are some crops that produce good quality avocados.

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